Digital Marketing is done by Digital Marketer. There are lots of ways to learn digital marketing. If you are in a university, you can enroll in the courses which are provided by the universities. You can enroll in an online course which is provided by different platforms and reputed websites such as udemy, Edx, etc which you can attend by sitting at home. Google also provides the digital marketing course with a free certification. Certifications provide you the edge you need in the resume. One should have different sources of knowledge. You can also learn digital marketing or online marketing from nearby institutes. A three months course is enough to understand the basics and get things running.

Having a laptop is really beneficial as you can apply your knowledge to real projects. For that, you will need to buy a domain name and hosting. It is for the best that you apply your knowledge to the real project. You can pick the niche you are interested in and start making the website. This will help you get going. After having learned you can apply for an internship in different digital marketing companies near you. This will help you in the exposure and experience you need to be a qualified digital marketer.

Digital Marketer is an easy skill that is in large demand. Increasing Internet users has made digital marketing the largest source of advertisement and marketing. So the career and job opportunities have also increased drastically. If you are looking for a career in digital marketing, it would be best if you land in the field as soon as possible.
If you think there are fewer digital marketing agencies and demand is more you can start your own digital marketing agency. You will need a workforce of at least 4 or 5 people which includes an SEO manager, Content writer, Web Developer, and a Tele caller for cold calling and attending to the client’s inquiries.

It is very important to be updated in digital marketing because it totally depends upon the algorithms of the search engines and they change it very often. Nobody knows the exact algorithm of the search engine so the large MNCs keep on developing new strategies

Whatever product or service you are selling needs to be unique so that you can differentiate from your competitors. Product doesn’t need to be totally unique but it should be somewhat different depending on which slogan is made and advertised why your product is better than your competitors