It is very important to target the right audience for selling your products or services. Imagine you are a pharma company that wants to put the ads on some 3rd party website. You can do it by two methods. First is by Adsense and second by directly contacting the 3rd party website. You can not show your product ads on cricket-related websites because that is not the audience you want to Target. Showing your ads on a pharma-related or on a business-to-business portal would be the right audience to target. Suppose you have a bakery shop and want to sell your products to nearby people. You need to target the audience in your city only because they are your only customers. Showing that ad in some other city would make no sense. Social media platforms provide the facility to show your ads in a particular area. Just set the location you want to target.

Targeting the right audience is very important for revenue. Otherwise, all your hard work will go in vain. There are different ways of targeting the right audience. For example, Facebook groups are a great place to advertise your product or service. There are many groups on a single topic. You can post your link there and advertise to the right people
Chatbots or inquiry forms can be really helpful in the process of knowing your customer. By reading the inquiries you can select your genuine customers and contact them back. Data management is Important which helps the business to know what products are selling more and what is selling less and what group of customers are buying more than other groups so that company can target more ads.

Interacting with your targeted customers is very important. Speaking Directly marketing messages resonates more deeply with customers when readers can relate directly to the information. Building deeper customer loyalty is very important. You need to connect to your audience on a more personal and human level