Q. How can I apply for digital marketing?
The best way to apply for a digital marketing job or internship is to showcase your dream company that you want to work with not from your resume but through your blog or website.
Start your blog on the topic that you are most passionate about, write in-depth articles, do SEO, post and share on different social media channels.
Slowly and slowly you will get noticed by Google and people will find you. You can use this blog to show your dream company where you want to work about different aspects of digital marketing like web development, SEO, copywriting, etc.
This way you can very easily get your dream digital marketing job or internship.

Q. How to get into digital marketing?
A.First of all learn it, There are so many videos on the internet, You can watch and learn every basic from there.
Also, you can take paid courses from good knowledgeable teachers or digital marketers. ( taking one course at least will save your time.)

1. Learn Digital Marketing from various sources.
2. Create your own website and practicing
3. Implement all the techniques you have learned in your course or lessons.
4. Apply for an internship in a Digital Marketing agency (you will have very good professional knowledge).
5. Now, if you do not want to do 9-5 jobs, then go for Freelancing jobs (both online and offline).
Finally, If you want to make your own Digital Marketing Agency and serve the customers.

Q.Which field is best in Digital Marketing?
A.In my Point of View, SMO and PPC is the best field in Digital marketing, Because Every time Google updates its own algorithm and SEO isn’t a fast-moving process. You can update your site and use best practices and not see results for months.

Q.What is the scope of profit in Digital Marketing?
A. Profit that comes from Digital Marketing varies depending on the amount of time, energy, attention, and effort it requires you to put in.

Below are some of the valuable career opportunities it brings about:

1. Become a full-time digital marketing professional to start earning a decent salary.
2. Earn some bucks as a freelance digital marketer.
3. Upskill yourself in Digital Marketing to earn passive income through affiliate marketing.
4. Become a Digital Marketing Consultant or Coach.
5. Start your own digital marketing agency.

It all depends on the skills you have and the ability to put them into action, the budget and the risk you are willing to take.