Keywords hold great importance in Digital Marketing. Digital marketing is promoting products or services through digital channels such as Facebook, Google search, etc. Let’s say you launch a product. For promoting you chose digital marketing. You make a website and put all the relevant information on it. You put blogs on the website but it doesn’t show on a google search on the top page. Chances are you have not put relevant keywords in the content you are writing. Keywords are very important for your website to come up in the searches.

Choosing right keywords for your website

Choosing the right keywords is very important for your business to show on top of the google search. Being on top of google search attracts more customers and eventually leads to more revenue at the end of the day. So how to choose the right keywords for you? Google has a solution to everything. Google keyword planner is a free website by google that provides all the detailed information about the keywords. Just search for the important words which are related to your business. The website will show you all the related keywords which can help you rank your website on the top page. Many people are still confused between keywords and meta keywords. The meta tags in HTML are used to explain what is written on the page.
Keywords should be created and selected carefully before launching content online on web and mobile platforms

Benefits of Keyword Research

● Helps you get the right and potential audience for your product or service. Targeted keywords can help you reach the audience which are more likely to buy the product or services.
● Using the high searched keywords can help you get the traffic on the website. Enabling Adsense can help you earn income.
● Keeping the content of the website updated can help in getting more traffic and customers.